Press release

On August 11, 2017, Jefferson County Central Dispatch received a call in reference to a suspicious vehicle in the area of Franks Drive. Ptl. Seth Melton and Sgt. William Watterson arrived to investigate. Upon arrival Officers located Manuel B. Perkins Age 40 of Hope Indiana.

Officers began speaking to Manuel about the reason he was in the area. According to Manuel he was in the area teaching a friend how to drive, but officers did not locate anyone else in the vehicle. Officers questioned Manuel and the subject he was with. Manuel pointed to a nearby residence.

As Ptl. Melton and Sgt. Watterson continued to speaking to Manuel a 14 year old juvenile walked from a nearby residence. Manuel identified the subject as his friend. Ptl. Melton questioned Manuel about the subjects name, but Manuel could only provide a first name and stated the subject was 18 years of age. Officers also spoke to the juvenile.

Officers were concerned with inconsistent stories coming from Manuel and the juvenile and became concerned. Officers continued questioning both subjects. After speaking to them, they learned that Manuel had met the juvenile online and wanted to see meet them. The juveniles mother arrived on scene.

After speaking to the juvenile, officers located phone messages from Manuel. The messages contained inappropriate communication between the juvenile and Manuel. Manuel informed officers he may have met the juvenile through Facebook. Manuel further stated he believed the juvenile was 18 and denied any sexual activity. Officers then learned through a family member that the juvenile male had spoken to them about being sexually active with Manuel. Officers then again spoke to the juvenile male, who confirmed Manuel and him were sexually active. ​

The juvenile stated that they had met Manuel online and Manuel provided the juvenile gifts and money in exchange for sex. According to the juvenile, Manuel had sex with the juvenile approximately 5 times prior. The juvenile also stated they had a sexual encounter with Manuel a few hours earlier at a location in Madison. The juvenile stated the two met through online social application.

Based on the investigation, Manuel was placed under arrest for Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

The investigation is ongoing.


Manuel B. Perkins Age 40

Hope, Indiana.

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.