On Tuesday, the Hope Town Council approved an agreement with CGS Services of Morristown to provide a town-wide trash service for the community.

Town Manager J.T. Doane said on Friday that the town will be taking a "a potential 90 day time frame to finalize the details pertaining to the town wide trash service. We will continue to keep residents apprised of further details and time frame therein."

CGS's proposal for the town included:

  • 3 year term

  • Pricing per month as follows: Year 1, $7.55, Year 2, $7.78 and year 3, $8.01;

  • Town Council approved an additional $1.00 Administrative Costs;

  • One Bulk item per Month on regular residential service day. A Bulk Item is defined as something that cannot fit properly in to a trash bag or which exceeds (50) pounds in weight. A bulk item shall include Chair/Recliner, Couch (no sleeper bed couches), washers, dryers, dishwasher, Range/Stove, etc. Mattresses (Queen or smaller) will be accepted, but must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with duck tape.

    CGS is also strongly encouraging any residents outside of the Town of Hope or businesses within the Town of Hope to contact CGS directly for individual quotes. CGS Services: (765) 763-6258