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3/6/2017 5:03:00 PM
Town to consider trash service, new cleanup rules
Town trash discussion
When: 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 7th.

Where: Hauser High School auditorium.

Subjects to be discussed: Town-wide trash collection service and a new trash cleanup ordinance.

Officials will hold a public meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7th, to talk about plans for a possible town-wide trash service and to consider a new ordinance requiring properties to be clean and debris-free.

Town Manager J.T. Doane says that the meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Hauser High School auditorium. Previously the meeting was to be held at the Hope Town Hall but was moved to accommodate a larger crowd.

Doane said the town had reached out to three trash-collection companies to discuss a town-wide contract to provide garbage pickup. Based on his conversations with residents who pay for their own trash service, a town-wide plan would be cheaper than paying individually.

"The discussion of a town-wide trash service has been a discussion topic in the past, based on my understanding," Doane said. "I think it something that goes along with various efforts that have gone on toward various community cleanup initiatives. I think it is something that could be very effective. An effective way to cleanup the community and I think it would help also help also with some of the... unsightly trash and debris that some neighbors are having to look at, that we see complaints about.

"Also, I think it would help with some of the rodent control that we need. Rodents are attracted to that."

Doane said that there are a large number of residents already paying for trash collection, whether through CGS, Bestway or Rumpke. He said that CGS is planning to attend to discuss their services at Tuesday's meeting.

He said that the plan would be to hold the discussion and information session Tuesday and then to have it formally on the Town Council agenda for their consideration and a decision at the regular March 21st meeting.

Doane said that the costs for the service would be collected by the town and paid to the company chosen for the contract. That bill could either be an addition to the water and sewer bills, or built into the town's property taxes. There is no intention for the town to make money on the proposal, he said.

"I don't necessarily foresee that it would be a revenue-maker, I think more so, obviously it would be part of our community cleanup initiatives," Doane said. "It would kind of go alongside some of the ordinances that the council has passed. I feel it would be very beneficial to the town."

Town officials will also consider a new ordinance Tuesday that will regulate the cleanliness of properties. He said the ordinance to be discussed would require the removal of "unsightly trash, debris, unwholesome substances that people are kind of maintaining on their property whether it be on a porch, behind a shed or on the side of their garage."

Under the draft proposal, property owners would receive a letter requesting they clean up the property and if the mess is not removed within 10 days they could be fined up to $25 a day.

Doane said town officials are hoping people turn out to voice their opinion on the trash service and the cleanup ordinance.

"I encourage those (people) to come," Doane said. "They will have an opportunity to speak and I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of what the discussion entails and what the consideration is."

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