You are looking at HSJ Online - the next generation of news for Hope, Indiana.

HSJ Online is a free and open site, available to anyone interested in Hope, Hartsville, Clifford, Flat Rock, St. Louis Crossing, Burney or any of the other little communities that dot northeastern Bartholomew County.

For some of you, reading news on your computer or mobile device is a new experience. For others, this new way of getting the news is not new at all. This is the way you have been doing most of your reading for much of the past 10 years or so.

What you will find in the coming weeks is that HSJ Online is not so very different than your old, familiar Hope Star-Journal, the print newspaper that ceased publication in October 2014 following the untimely death of its owner/publisher, Larry Simpson. After Larry's death, a group of Hope-area residents and others with historic connections to the community got together to see if the print newspaper could be purchased and published once again.

Despite a sputtering restart, many factors - legal and economic - came together to make such a purchase extremely difficult and unwise. So efforts were begun to continue the long history of journalism in northeastern Bartholomew County. 

This website is the result of those efforts. It is owned by the new Media Division of Heritage of Hope, Inc. - the long-established not-for-profit organization best known for creating and staging Hope Heritage Days each September. It is managed by a Heritage of Hope committee, chaired by David Webster. Other committee members include Michael Dean, Don Hewitt, Bud Herron, Terri Young and Stephanie Shoaf.

Financial backing to launch the site has been provided by several current and former residents. Eventually, advertising will be added to the site to help Heritage of Hope meet the expenses. However, donations are very much needed to keep things moving ahead.

Many of the same people who helped Larry Simpson produce the printed newspaper will continue to write and produce HSJ Online. John Clark, the last staff writer for the Hope Star-Journal and a journalist with more than 15 years of local experience, serves as content coordinator. Stephanie Shoaf, a former Hope Star-Journal employee will serve on the advisory committee. Many former columnists and contributors will continue - including Webster, Herron and Dave Miller.

You will find most of the same types of news and information you were used to reading each week in the printed newspaper that arrived in your mail or that you could find in news stands around the corner of the county.

Now, however, it arrives in your computer - not once a week, but 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And, it is free.

Welcome to the next generation of news for Hope, Indiana.

Content coordinator is Jenn Willhite. You can e-mail Jenn at

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