They look at you, and you know exactly what they are thinking.

They are thinking that something isn't right about you. You're too much of this or not enough of that. Maybe they tell other people what they think about you, and eventually the words make it back around to you. They leave an invisible mark that hurts beyond belief. You carry that mark along with you, because you can't think of anything else to do with it, and you can't let it go. It won't leave you alone.

Their statements, their looks, and their thoughts cling to you and travel with you wherever you go.

You need to know that they have no reason to affect you like that.

Here is an undeniable truth: people judge. They always have and probably always will. But whatever they think of you should have no power over you.

The things they say and think are coming from what they see through their own lens of the world. Everyone has their own lens, and people see things the way they think they should see them. They don't just see you. They see what they think you are, not what you are.

Understand that you are so much more than what they think you are. Believe that. Don't allow yourself to be affected by what they think of you, because in the end, what they think of you will never matter compared to what you think of yourself.