It is an unavoidable factor: at some point in life, you will feel lost. Maybe it is a feeling that stings for a moment, and fades away the next. Or maybe it holds on tight, grips you for days on end, and refuses to let you be. Either way, you will get that feeling.

So many people concern themselves with having control of every inch of their lives and knowing every little thing they can. Sometimes, people dive headfirst into life with a mindset that they must have everything together and must know exactly who they are. Isn't that what life is for - discovering who you are? No one is fully themselves until the last moment, because every second, every moment of life, has an impact on us and changes us in some way, no matter how minuscule. Life is not about knowing who you are instantly and then spending the rest of your life being that person. Life is about finding out who you are for the whole duration of your stay in this lifetime.

Here's something to consider: does anyone ever say, "I found it!" if they haven't first lost it? No, not usually. With that in mind, can you truly find yourself without losing yourself? Perhaps you need to get a little lost, hit some bumps in the road, lose your way a few more times, and then find you way back to figure out the person that hides within you, that person you are meant to be. If you look at it that way, maybe you were meant to get lost, because you were meant to find yourself.

It's okay to feel lost, isn't it?

Let life get in your way and throw you off path. Let life make you feel lost.

That lost feeling might hurt like nothing else, but it's pulling you closer and closer to you.