Sometimes, watching the dawn light rise in the east I wonder: "Is today going to be the best one ever?"

Sometimes, driving by a playground I hear the innocent voices of children who have nothing to fear in the world.

Sometimes, I go by a hospital parking lot and notice there are no cars and all the beds are empty because no one is sick anymore.

Sometimes, going to get the newspaper, I hope none is there because the world had no bad news today.

Sometimes, going through town people either wave from passing vehicles or they walk up to everyone they meet just to say "Hello."

Sometimes, when meal time comes around, there are no tears because the world produced enough food to feed everyone and it was divided equally.

Sometimes, there are no armies left in the world or weapons of mass destruction because all the leaders shook hands and said "Enough is enough," and they pinky swore.

Sometimes, I hear that all the jails are emptying out because people have learned that "Do unto your neighbor like you would want your neighbor do unto you" means that if you do bad things to others, then bad things will be done to you.

Sometimes, I hear a dog bark, a cat meow, the birds chirp and all animals on earth sigh in relief because they know man has realized his mistakes and let the circle of life resume naturally.

Sometimes, I wonder how many "sometimes" there really are and could "sometimes" actually someday come true?