Phil was walking out the door of his middle class home, in the middle class neighborhood he lived in, headed to the middle class job (which he hated) in the middle size car, because that is all he could afford.

Under the friendly outgoing character most people saw was a burning rage within Phil that life had cheated him of his rightful dues. Phil still tried to do the right things like being a loving husband and father. Giving them all he could, going to church every Sunday, and even working one day a week at the homeless shelter.

Fast forward a couple of years and we find Phil skipping work on occasion, ignoring his family obligations, going to church only about once a month, going to the homeless shelter but only staying half the time and heading to another location. Standing outside the gates of the town's country club Phil would sit for hours watching all the big, fancy cars go through the gate and watch the people come out, wearing all those fancy outfits and his rage grew.

One day Phil was called into the manager’s office and fired for missing so many days.

Heading home, Phil worried how he was going to tell his family. But he did not have to worry, because there was a note that simply said "We can not take this anymore." Reading the mail there was a letter stating the house was being repossessed. With tears in his eyes he glanced at the other mail but mostly past due bills were seen. Except there was an envelope which had no stamp or return address. Opening it, he found a single sheet of paper that simply said Broken Halo. 

Phil now lived at the homeless shelter with a job where he called and tried to get donations. To his amazement, all the wealthy people he called did not have the time to hear him out. Phil’s attitude changed as he realized that all this time, he actually was wealthier than the crowd at the country club. Getting a new job, better than the one he had before, lifted Phil’s spirits and he started going back to church where he ran into his wife and they worked everything out.

Phil eventually got another house and car and always went to the homeless shelter every week staying his whole time. One day Phil came home from work and going through the mail found an envelope with no stamp or return address. Upon opening it he found a single piece of paper that said "Broken Halo was repaired."

Good job!