Saturday, Oct, 26th certainly turned out to be a rainy day outside, but it presented a good reason to attend volleyball matches at the IHSAA Volleyball 1A Regional at Morristown.

In the first match, the Bloomfield Cardinals defeated the Indy Lutheran Saints 25-19, 29-31, 25-19, 25-12. Each set, with the exception of the last one, started with the Cardinals taking a good lead only to find the Saints coming back. The second set was obviously a classic with each team alternating in trying to get the final point. (The Jets and the Saints have had very competitive regional matches over the years, so it was not a surprise to find them in our regional again and fighting hard for each point.)

The next match featured our Hauser Jets competing against the International Gryphons. The Jets started out slow but eventually got it going winning 25-16, 25-8 and 25-16. In the first set, it was back and forth until Hauser went up 13-11 with the serve. International called a time out, but Hauser then outscored International 12-5. The Jets continued their momentum in the second set jumping to a 6-0 lead forcing International to call a time out and then another one at 20-5. To the credit of International, they took the lead 11-10 in the third set, but the Jets then went up 16-11 resulting in another time out by the Gryphons. However, Hauser went on to score 9 points while International could just score 5.

The higher ranked team won in each bracket. What would happen later? Would the Regional Champion be Hauser ranked #12 or Bloomfield, #8, according to MaxPreps? In observing both earlier matches, it would be a battle. Every point would be of utmost importance. Hopefully, the Hauser Nation would show up and fill up the Morristown Bee Hive and make a lot of noise.

Well, it was quite the match that took around two hours to determine the winner. The Jets took the first two sets by a score of 25-22 and 25-16. The Cardinals started playing better volleyball and won the next three sets 25-23, 25-23, and 15-13. The Hauser fans and cheer block did all they could to support the team, and the players and coaches gave it their all to find a way to pull the match out. It wasn't to be for whatever the reason. The ever so slight momentum shift just could not be changed. And, anybody who has played the game knows how challenging it is to shift it.

Afterward, I was reflecting a little with a friend, Victor Young, as we walked out together from the gym. He stated that “somehow the next page would be turned in the lives of each player, and the next chapter would appear. “

Those words are ever so true. For the seniors, Melanie Taylor, Olivia Wright, Shelby Fugate, Kylie Lock, and Mary Branum, it will take longer to get to the next chapter. They have put so much into the program. In time though, they will also move on and reflect upon what they accomplished individually and collectively as a team this season and throughout their Hauser Jet Volleyball Career.

Congratulations! And, we look forward to your next chapter and the next chapter of your teammates, a chapter that will hopefully be packed with many other good memories.