I was impressed with countless things during 2017 Hope Heritage Days.

One thing that really struck me was how the library team of David Miller, Brenda McKinney, and Stephanie Shoaf took the time to go through the archives of the Hope Star-Journal, made copies of something that caught their eyes for each Heritage Days, and then posted it on all the lower windows of our wonderful library facility. I don't know if the architect, Deborah Berke, ever thought of the windows being used that way; however, it certainly got my attention as well as the attention of others. While viewing each one, I particularly noticed some titles and jotted them down thinking others might enjoy them if not getting a chance during the schedule-packed weekend.

They follow:

  • Celebrate Your Heritage

  • Heritage Days Produces Winners & More Winners

  • Heritage Days 40: An Explosive Good Time

  • Hope Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Back To Back Local Events

  • Heritage Days XXXVII Ready To Roll

  • Honoring Hope's Pioneer Past, Celebrating The Present, & Looking To The Future

  • Dr. Hope's Medicine Show Good For All That Ails Yous

  • Heritage Days: Never Underestimate The Power Of Hope

  • History, Food, & Fun For All At 43rd Annual Heritage Days

  • Weather Man Smiles On Celebration XXXIV

  • WW II Flyers Honor Their Friend During Heritage Days Flyover

  • It's Showtime For Heritage Days XXV

  • Hope's Heritage Bathed In Sunday Sunlight

  • A Great Day To Remember

  • Our Heritage Prayer

  • God & Country Rally To Mark Close Of Festival

  • Here Comes The Big One Again-It's Hope Heritage Days XXIX

  • Heritage Day Proves To Be Another Success

  • The Faces Of Heritage Days

  • It Takes Many People To Produce Heritage Days

  • Hope Heritage Days Were Classic: Skies Were Blue, The Crowds Both Days Were Huge, Shoppers Shopped, The Hungry, & Not So Hungry, Ate Their Fill, & Nearly 200 Units Paraded

  • Heritage Days: Working, Walking, & Entertaining

  • Glorious Heritage Days

  • Sodden Skies Fail To Spoil Silver Anniversary

  • Heritage Day XXIII Poised & Ready

    I happened to see Michael Dean, Heritage of Hope CEO, shortly afterward and asked if he might have a title. Without hesitation, he suggested A Hot Time In The Old Town. What title would I select for 50th Heritage Days? One that comes to my mind is No Fireworks But A Lot Of Good Works. And, after representing HSJ Online in the parade, I offer Plenty Of Smiling Faces Despite The Heat.

    It was 1974 when I was first introduced to Hope. I was impressed then and continue to be impressed. During Heritage Days, I was thinking about how fortunate we are to be a part of a small town that finds a way to turn its pages. In Hope, we simply support one another! Oh, we have our differences, but we all know the legacy of our town, our Surprising Little Town, depends on each of us to move forward for the generations to follow. There is just something powerful about walking to a red, white, and blue entry in the parade and hearing a former graduate state, "I'm a Hopeite and proud of it!"