You are so brave and so incredible and so tough. I mean, look at you, making it through life despite all of these ugly problems that life throws your way. 

It's so hard. Life likes to knock our feet right out from under us and then expects us to get right back up, just to throw another punch our way. It feels like we never get a single break. You get so tired and worn down, but you keep trekking on. That's beautiful. Not everyone would be able to live through the challenges that you face. I entirely encourage you to take a moment out of your day and admire whomever or whatever kept you going and got you to the other side.

You are stronger than you know. Sometimes, maybe stronger than you wish to be. We get so torn apart because we had to stay strong for so long when all we wanted was to lie down and let life trample on over us. Sometimes, we don't want to get back up. We've had enough and can't take anymore. It must stop. We can't live like this.

But those moments, the ones that feel like they break us, tend to be the ones who make us. Those ugly moments in life have shaped us and turned us into the stunning people we are today. Think about that. Would you be you, if you never had to face some of those obstacles? No. You wouldn't be the you that you are now. This you that you are, made from all of those hurdles that life lined right up for you, is the person that the world needs.

This is the person that you were meant to be.

Someone once said that nothing easy is worth it.

Life isn't meant to be easy.

It's meant to be worth every moment.

Life has made you strong.

Now, go show the world what you're made of.