Let me ask you a few questions and before you answer look far back in to your memory. For all of the people less than 50 years old it probably will be a rare occurrence but if you think long enough you will probably come up with an answer.

When was the last time you were able to tuck your children in to bed and felt comfortable turning the light off and laying down to sleep without locking your doors? When was the last time you opened the newspaper and the headlines were about anything but the murder, rape or robbery of some innocent victim? When was the last time you felt for an entire day, wherever you went, that you were surrounded by Love? If "Never" is your answer sadly you are a victim of today's society.

I must admit that living in this day and age is much different from the times I remember growing up in. My children call me an old dinosaur but little do they know that I am fortunate enough to have lived in the Stone Age. Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer is a term of mine for the people, men and women, who I have known in my life who represent the goodness of a breed that were honest, hard working and honorable from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. I have been lucky enough to have known many in my lifetime including my father, mother and brothers and other acquaintances.

Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer people are the ones that you could comfortably let watch your children -- not the ones who today abduct your babies from their homes or streets and never allow you to hug them again. Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer people are the ones that put on the fairs and church leagues that dominated the headlines of the papers years ago.

Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer people are the ones who come over to your house to help you on a project and ask nothing in return.

Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer people are the ones that built the foundation this country was made on.

Cotton Picking Dirt Farmer people are a dying breed of which makes me very sad. Recently, I got married and was pleased that most of my new in-laws are Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer people and for that I salute you.

A country singer wrote a song called "A Little Good News Today" which stated the only news in the paper was about county fairs and the miracle of births. She also must be a Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer. Knowing that I am one of those from this dying breed I only feel sorry for those of you who never have had the opportunity to meet a Cotton-picking Dirt Farmer.