Nestled in my office, high atop my desk lies a rather ordinary, plain-looking stone.

Lying silently among the many pictures, phone numbers and stacks of papers, it looks peculiarly out of place. I sometimes notice as people walk through the room, they glance around my private office at all the objects there, which is a large showing of the heart and soul of the individual.

Almost to the person, their quick glance stops on the tiny stone and I notice a look of puzzlement appear on their faces. Out of all of my awards and accomplishments showcased in that room, the stone has a special place in my heart.

Not so many years ago, it seems, I walked out the fornt door and declared to my wife and the world that it was time to become a grandfather. One followed the other quickly but all were very far away until one cold February day, Taylor was born and she only lived right down the street. Jubilation suddenly turned to concern, after a few short hours because she was rushed to Riley Hospital.

Standing silently in the hospital, I looked around at the concerned looks on all the faces of the many families and decided two things: First, as much pain as we felt for our own misfortune, the room was filled with people in far more grave situations than we were. Second, to keep calm and focused, I knew there had to be something to grab hold of, but what, I didn't know.

Months passed, and after quite a bit of concerned times, Taylor showed signs of complete recovery. One nice summer day, I took Taylor out to the back patio and set her down. She half-walked, half-stumbled into the yard to play. Watching her out in that yard sent my spirits soaring and to my surprise, she walked over and handed me a small stone she had picked up in her course of travels.

Standing there, looking up at me, a smile came upon her face as if she had laid the treasures of the world in my hand. Little did she know, that she had.

After letting her play for a little while, it was time to take her in and as we walked through the door, I tried to throw the stone away but every time I rolled the stone around in my fingers, that magic moment came back to me, just like it happened.

Sitting here, trying to realize the significance of this happening, I realize that the human brain has a vast, endless file of memories of everyone that we have ever been in contact with. Out of everyone we want to remember, there is a certain word, gesture or object that brings back that fond memory of that person even if only for a few moments.

Just think, if a husband and wife would look to that magic before they raised their voices in anger, or a mother and father gave up on that troubled teen, or a friend thought for a moment, before he raised a hand against another friend, how much better this world would be.

I know for a fact that there is magic in this world, because on a cold, snowy day, my mind travels back to a warm, sunny day because I feel the magic of the stone.