It is quite interesting what happens in a small town when a dill pickle ends up being dropped into chocolate.

You will not want to miss out on all the action at WILLow LeaVes on Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22.

Pete Law, 626 Productions and sixth grade teacher, David Webster, Family Connections and former fifth grade teacher, Nancy Banta, music teacher, and several sixth & fifth & fourth grade students at Hope Elementary are bringing a family production to town based on the book Hot Fudge Pickles by Marilyn Anderson.

Under the masterful direction of Mr. Law, students have been working hard and learning a lot about what it is like acting and singing on stage. As usual, they are proving once again what young people can do when given an opportunity to shine!

Hot Fudge Pickles, play adapted by Jen Garrett, starts with the cast singing We Are The Folks of Littleton with some of the lines below:

"We are the folks of Littleton

A place that time forgot

Our main street is the heart of town

A mega mall it's not"

Then, we are introduced to Alvin. He tends to be trouble according to Kristy and others. While in the local drug store, he orders a dill pickle because they make him pucker. He starts eating the pickle with most of it accidentally ending up in the chocolate vat. Before Gramps, the store owner, gets a chance to fork it out, Alvin just reaches his hand in, pulls it out, eats it, and declares it to be the best treat in the world. Soon, all his friends want one, not knowing for sure what they are getting. Kristy, knowing something about marketing, refers to them as Green Monsters and charges a dollar. They become an instant hit!

The Mayor then sees it as an opportunity to bring more people to town. Alvin thinks they should get a Green Monster to the President of the United States while he is visiting Cincinnati. The Mayor loves the plan and sings the following lines from the song The Perfect Plan:

"I can see just how the President will take his first bite

He will lick his lips and crack a great big smile of delight

We'll be introduced to the rich and famous and the heads of state

A fortune is waiting for us so now's no time to hesitate"

What happens at the end? Well, the cast would love for you to come and find out! If you come and if you dare, try a free hot fudge pickle. You will never forget the experience of a lifetime eating the special treat as well as watching Hope Elementary students sharing one more reason why Hope is rightly named The Surprising Little Town.