Before sharing my last lessons, let's revisit some of my first and other lessons. Do you remember ...


I would stress to be colorful, creative, and different because it just might provide an edge in a very competitive world. While playing in the Columbus Table Tennis League, a friend gave one of the shortest and best lessons I have heard. He held up a white sheet of paper and simply stated that he wanted it to be full of color by the end of his life. It is my hope all of you have full and enriched lives!

Dino & Dino's Room?

Well, Dino was an interesting character. My wife, an excellent teacher, presented the idea of sometimes pointing a finger at a Dino when a student might actually be causing a distraction. It was quite effective even though there were times, as several of you know, that I had to handle a situation directly. In Health, you had the opportunity to be a doctor and to provide strategies for Dino to work his way through one of his many issues. It is important to help others with obstacles even though we must be careful about being too involved!

The Sword of Honesty?

Steve Bragg, a former student, made this sword as a reminder to classmates about the importance of being honest with others and ourselves. It was a pleasure to knight students Knights of Honesty. For another lesson, I held the Sword of Honesty and suggested we could either use it to find our way through our problems (sword) or use it as an excuse for never finding a way (crutch). Character is built when conquering our problems!

Health & Science Unit Folders?

How many folders did we work on during the school year? You were expected to take notes within each folder box and to keep other relevant material within them. It was an attempt to keep you engaged and organized, two essential life skills!

Science Labs?

When attending Indiana State, a professor stressed the importance of incorporating hands-on material for Science. Once in my own classroom, I quickly realized this professor was right on target. Twice throughout the year, we had six lab stations within the center of the room and moved in small groups from one station to the other. Dissecting with scalpels and sharp pins to hold the specimen in place was always a concern, but we never had a major incident. Working with others will always be a part of life!

Math Facts?

When I was a student in fourth grade, my teacher told mom that I did not know my facts well enough. Thus, we went through one flash card after another one summer. Consequently, I learned my facts, and I encouraged each of you to learn them better. How many of you can still recite them quickly? It is amazing what practice can produce!

Taste of Blackberries & Bridge To Terabithia?

Each book helps the reader understand the need to build a bridge when there is death. People who we loved want us to go on and carry a part of them as we move forward and try to make positive contributions! From a paper I carry within my billfold, the author of Bridge To Terabithia, Katherine Patterson, offers these words: "There are those special individuals who enter our lives to try to push back the walls of our minds to help us see beyond to the shining world, a world that tends to be a blend of huge, terrible, beautiful, and very fragile. They help us to understand the importance of handle with care every person and every thing. And, eventually we must move on for one another and pay back to the world in beauty and in caring what they have loaned to us in vision and in strength."

Oh, it is good to reminisce!