Did the Hauser Nation, first named by local sports broadcaster Sam Simmermaker, show up for the Destination Game, a part of a speech made by Coach Sims when referring to one of Coach Hamilton's favorite sayings? Did the Hauser Lady Jets Softball Team show up at the Ben Davis High School Campus? It would be a "yes" both times. We have another State Championship Team!

It was not easy! It seldom is when advancing through tournament play. The Carroll Cougars put up a formidable fight. In a fashion our fans have grown accustomed to, we struck early for a run. A few innings later, a Carroll player tied the game with a shot off the centerfield scoreboard, possibly a momentum swinger.

Not long afterward, Carroll had the bases loaded with two outs in a tied game. That's a lot of pressure, in particular for the pitcher and the catcher. As a pitcher, you can't throw four balls; you can't throw one wildly; you can't hit the batter; you can't just put it down the middle of the plate. Our pitcher, Tessa Sims, did not! As a catcher, you can't miss the ball no matter what; you can't interfere with the batter's swing; you can't lose your balance. Our catcher, Hailey Lange, did not! We got out of the inning without any runs scoring, and my smile almost matched Hailey's as she returned to the dugout.

Suddenly, it seemed as if a storm was coming due to a rumbling sound. No, it was our fans making the bleachers talk, while being led by Rory Thayer, as if enhancing their voices to let the team know it was time, time for at least one more run.

In her speech at the pep rally, Abby Kidwell said, "When looking up in the stands and seeing how many people are there for us, I have no doubt in our capability and that we can win." Well, players were definitely looking up in the stands.

From my angle, there was an unexpected Carroll error on the very first play. Then, all kinds of action erupted with timely hitting, bunting, running, and sliding pleasing our fans. We scored one run and then another. In the last inning, we crossed home plate again to make the final score Hauser 4, Carroll 1. State medals were passed out to both teams, a medal that will be cherished forever by each receiver. For those of us there, for those of us watching the game on television, for those of us listening to it on radio, it was a very proud moment.

As Abby also indicated in her speech, it was quite the accomplishment to even play in the championship game. I'm sure she would agree that to win it makes it even more amazing. Coaches certainly are well aware of all the factors that must go right and are also well aware of what it means for the future. HSP will find even more young ladies wanting to play the game, to be part of a great Hauser program. It seems as if the season would make a worthy movie for producers. I can visualize the team building activity in the outfield with the tents and the rain coming down hard as the perfect opening.

Despite all the rewarding experiences for all, there will be someone suggesting there should not be different classes in high school sports, that we should not have smaller school corporations. That someone will not be me. I doubt if you will find anyone in our community to think such. Yes, remember! Never forget, never! And when that someone declares they know what is best for Hope and for Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp., our small town and small schools, we will remember this day and other days in our long history and kindly request they actually visit our special place in the cornfields, a place where many dreams do come true!