I recently met my wife to eat out at one of our favorite restaurants. After returning home, she asked if I would be willing to take the van into town to fill it up with gas. During the trip, I noticed something flopping around the passenger windshield wiper.

Initially, I thought it was a leaf while wondering how that could be the case. It turned out to be a rather direct note suggesting she was not a very good driver due to her parking skills.

She obviously upset someone, certainly not intentionally. I have known her for years; it is not in her nature at all. She felt horrible that her parking job would irritate someone so much that it would result in such a note.

In her defense, the newer Honda Odyssey is a very wide vehicle. We have to be extremely careful when entering or exiting our garage with just a slight clearance on each side of the mirrors. Public parking spaces seem to be getting smaller with some even less than 8 feet from line to line.

She probably parked too close to another vehicle making it difficult for someone to get in theirs. The same thing has happened to us several times. It was an interesting and memorable event when she volunteered to go through the passenger's door of our older van and then slide over to the driver's seat. We tried to make light of it even though it was quite inconvenient. At the same time, it never crossed our minds to leave a note of any type.

No matter how much we try to avoid it, we will upset others with our driving. We just took a family vacation to Florida, and I am aware of several judgment mistakes that I made as well as other drivers. Driving perfection is quite difficult to achieve.

Car technology continues to improve and is quite amazing. In the eighties, there was a television show I enjoyed watching, The Knight Rider, which the main character had this high tech car called KITT. I was recently watching a special where future cars might read our eye's retina before starting.

Our 2015 Odyssey has all kinds of smart technology. By the time we purchase our next one, it seems very possible there will be a sweet voice informing us if we are too close to another parked vehicle. Regardless of future technology, I suspect our humanness will find a way to irritate another driver!