Editor's Note: A version of this column originally appeared in the Hope Star-Journal newspaper

I needed a 10-year anniversary gift for my wife, Lisa. As usual, I found myself at the Gold Nugget discussing options with Jackie Tallent. One item particularly caught my eye, a pendant in the shape of a V with ten small diamonds. Being into symbolism, I was confident it was the perfect gift. After all, we had experienced a lot of victories in our marriage, and the V would help remind both of us. The 10 diamonds would also keep me on track for the number of years, a number a man needs to remember. Undoubtedly, Lisa was certainly deserving of each one!

Well, I brought my proud selection home and placed it around her neck. I imagined the cameras rolling for the Television Jewelry Advertisement of The Year! It didn't seem very long before the chain broke, and we placed it in a box knowing Jackie would eventually work her magic. When getting ready to take it back to the Gold Nugget, we couldn't find the box. For hours, we searched our home! Finally, we concluded that the little box with the V pendant must have somehow ended up in our trash can and consequently the landfill! Later, I wrote the following lyrics to a song awaiting the right recording star:

The dump can take the diamond V
All our jewelry
Even our wedding bands
But it can't take this love
Held within our hearts

It has been about 14 years since this incident, and it still weighs on my mind. As I am contemplating what to get Lisa for Valentine's Day, I know a V pendant with 24 diamonds would look fabulous. However, losing 24 diamonds to the dump again might be too much for both of us!