Editor's Note: This column previously appeared in the Hope Star-Journal newspaper

My mom was told she would never raise me because of being the smallest Baker to ever enter this world. Well, my mother is not to be underestimated! It makes her even more determined which contributed to my frame growing to well over six feet and my body weight multiplying forty times the six pounds on my birth certificate. Still today, she loads a large plate full of great foods as if I'm an active and developing boy. In fourth grade, my teacher expressed concerns to Mom about allowing me to enter fifth grade unless knowing math facts better. I spent the entire summer sitting on a stool with Mom flashing cards until knowing them to the point that I could impress my fifth grade teacher, peers, and then my fifth grade students for thirty-six years.

As with many things in life, you may not truly appreciate your mom until your journey grows longer. After watching my wife go through the delivery process of our two daughters, I certainly had a better understanding of what my mom endured three times. Of course, then there are the years afterward with all the ups and the downs of raising children even though Mom, like my wife, seems to always be an anchor and weather whatever event happens. How? Well, a child is always a mother's first priority whether he or she is a newborn or a retiree. Just as she held my hand and reassured me I would make it as a baby, she will take my hand and provide that reassurance again this Mother's Day. I also know we both will cherish the moment and be extremely thankful that we have each other for another day!

Below, you will find partial lyrics to two songs my sister, Sally, wrote to honor our mom. I suspect some lines will remind you of feelings for your mom.

"Thank You, Mom & Dad"

cdbaby.com/cd/sallywebster2 or iTunes

She works long hours maybe nobody knows

Using just a needle and some thread to sew

She does her best every time

She sews each piece with love

Do we all know how much love

Mama really sews

She gets up and fixes us a meal you can't refuse

Gravy and some biscuits maybe fried chicken too

If you get up with hunger pangs

You know it's all your fault

Yeah Mama's country breakfast

Is the best you'll ever know

So let me take this time

To thank you very much

For all that you give

To each and every one of us

The love will shine forever

Even when the times get tough

"These Hands"

cdbaby.com/cd/sallywebster or iTunes

These hands have cooked and cooked

These hands sewn a million stitch

These hands wiped a lot of tears

These hands are the hands of Mom

These hands healed scrapes and cuts

These hands they never give up

These hands fold and say a prayer

These hands are the hands of Mom

These hands are healing hands

These hands are loving hands

These hands have an angel's touch

These hands are the hands of love