We are down to one doe left to kid. Still!

I am beginning to think that she really isn't pregnant but just fat and messing with me. I have no idea when she is due since she was not suppose to be bred. One of those "OOPS!" deals. I keep saying any day now, any day. She will go when I least expect it.

Show season started last week. We clipped a few of the does but most went fuzzy. The doe that has yet to kid, known as "That 1 Right There," was shown in the dry class since she has never freshened -- yet. She won her dry champion leg.

Cuzmomasaidso was reserve champion under That 1 Right There. In the milking division, Fase' was reserve champion and Ayana was reserve champion senior showman. Not a bad start to the season. We leave soon for show #2.

And on that note, Anthony and Sydnie get to stay and hold down the home front during Show #2. While they are more than capable of the task, things don't always get done. At least in a timely manner. Meaning the time that I expect it to be done.

Most of the milkers will stay at home. Anthony's favorite excuse for not milking is that his hands are too big. Sydnie will just flat out tell you she doesn't like to milk. The rest of the chores they have no problem with. It's just that milking thing. I guess milking out eight gallons by hand twice a day can be a little challenging.

We have a new addition to the family, Diablo, an eight-week-old Great Pyreneese pup. He was given to Ayana as a graduation gift. Not real sure that we needed another dog, but he has managed to win over our hearts since he arrived. He kind of resembles a giant Q-Tip. He loves being in the kid pen with the babies, and he sleeps with Ayana at night. I can't wait until he is 100 lbs and thinks he can still come in and jump in her bed. But that will be her problem!

I have had to make a few trips across the creek in the past couple of days. Cassie cow has decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. She manages to take her head and lift the flood gate and then make her way into what she believes is greener pasture. Crossing the creek was one thing, but when I got to the point that I thought I was going to have to crawl over a fence... Well, that just wasn't gonna work.

Wire fences with a strand of barb on the top and I no longer get along. They have a tendency to attack me each time I try to conquer them. I had no desire to get hung on a fence and have to yell for Anthony to come and help me. There is no doubt that before he helped me out he would have put it on Facebook!

I decided to do the next best thing and see if Cassie cow really does think she is a dog. And the answer is...Yes, she does! I called her to the fence and then had her follow me until I could get her to a point where I could get her back through. I unhooked the fence and she followed me all the way to the barn for her grain.

What a cow!

While I was searching for Cassie, I did manage to walk a bit of the creek. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to me. There is a peace about my little woods with the creek that runs through it. Most times I have a dog with me as well as several goats that will follow. I have come across deer, raccoons, been yelled at by a squirrel, and had a conversation with a snake while sitting on a log.

My woods are one of my favorite places to be.

We did have a little excitement this past week. While we were trying to hurry to get chores done before company arrived, I went out to gather the eggs and found that we had a visitor in the hen house. A raccoon was obviously terrified and hanging from one of the 4x4's. He had a tuft of hair missing from his back, so I figured he had already met DelGado. He had also helped himself to a half dozen eggs.

Now when I was younger, (you know, a couple of years ago) I would not have hesitated to reach over and grab him. But the old reflexes are starting to slow down, so I thought I better be a little safer. Got the pet carrier out and thought maybe I could get him in it. Which I did, but apparently someone had put the wrong door on it and so I couldn't keep it closed. He escaped and made his way to the woods. I am sure he will make a return visit. The meal he had was just too good not to.

I feel so blessed to have my little farm. It is a lot of work. But I could not ask for a more beautiful place to live and raise my family. Make sure to look around and see all the blessings in your life.