Now that the holidays are over and kidding season hasn't started yet, I have a few moments to get caught up on a few things.

Living on a farm, you don't actually have any free time. You just have moments that are not a busy as others. And that's where I am today.

I do believe the swamp has risen again. While it is a little crusty (frozen) at the moment, we have had some rather muddy issues to deal with. My girls (aka goats) act as if I have asked them to jump off a bridge when they have to walk through some of the areas resembling a swamp. Sadly, Cassie cow is the worst of them. None want to leave their dry beds to come outside. Not sure that I blame them.

I have been practicing my farming acrobatics lately. The one morning we had ice I managed to slide down the back steps. I do believe that the older you get that there is no graceful way to complete this feat. And of course, at the final landing, you look around in horror just knowing the neighbors drove by. Or worse yet, the dog is laughing at you. Hopefully I will become more accomplished at my landings before winter is actually over. Not sure the dog can handle that much humor.

The goat in the picture is Justice. She is one of 18 that will be kidding this year. A drop from the 25 I had last year, which I think is impressive. Anthony, not so much. I know that he is cringing at the thought of maneuvering through the house around totes of baby goats.

Kidding season will start Feb. 18th. I am pretty sure the blizzard will start the 16th. Since we have had no snow to speak of, I am sure that Mother Nature is saving it up for that special occasion. I am trying to be proactive and have everything ready. But we all know that Mother Nature's sense of humor is just a little off these days! We have a total of eight due in February. It should be interesting.

Justice was born on our farm, one of my all-time favorite animals. She has the personality of her grandmother and great grandmother. I took Justice to her first show and she easily won her championship. And then a young lady was brought to my attention that was in need of a goat. I thought long and hard about it but I ended up giving Justice to this young lady where she lived and was loved for four years. Due to health issues, the young lady could no longer take care of Justice so we brought her home. She was special to this young girl and it was obvious that the young lady was special to Justice.

Many don't understand, goats can be very therapeutic. And we don't just raise goats to be raising goats. We love to share them when there is a need. I will say, they do help me maintain what little sanity I have left.

This weekend I will be turning the farm over to the crew so that I can go visit my cousin. We will be having a "sewfest". We are sewing needed items for the Native American reservations out west. Last I counted I had 29 pairs of PJ pants cut out. I also have bibs, baby blankets and doll clothes cut and ready to sew.

Sometimes we take for granted what we have. One person in our group asked about sending something that could be refrigerated. They were told that most on the reservation don't have electricity. This morning I got up, flipped on my kitchen light, opened my refrigerator door, poured a glass of water, and then made myself a cup of coffee. I then realized how blessed I am. Something as simple as flipping a switch. Some just don't have that.

Remember to count your blessings! Even the ones that seem so small.