Kidding season has come to an end here at Double Y Farms. We ended with 16 sets of twins, 5 sets of triplets, 1 set of quadruplets and 3 singles. That gave us 29 doe kids and 25 bucks. Several of those new babies have gone on to their new homes.

Along with all the new babies, we have had another addition to the barn. Delgado, a Great Pyrenees puppy, has found his way into our barn and into our hearts. For now he lives in a pen with 12 of the babies. He believes they are his personal playmates. When he matures he will become their guardian, their protector, and their best friend.

Right now he just irritates them.

We are milking 21 does twice a day now, all by hand. I realize to some that sounds like a lot of work. And to some it might sound a little crazy. But each day that I go out to take care of my animals, I realize how blessed I am. This morning was no different.

My barn is open to the east, so I can look down into my woods as I work. This morning I realized the changes that are taking place. Everything is turning green, and the view is breathtaking.

I put my first load on the stand, and the does were a little anxious. I saw a possum waddle up from the woods, and I figured they had gotten wind of him. I finished and got the next load out, and they were equally anxious. It was then that I noticed the raccoon running back and forth from a tree to the creek. I was worried that he would snatch one of the ducks, but he just didn't seem interested. I kept an eye on him as I milked.

When I turned that load out into the pasture it was obvious that this raccoon was carrying something. I watched. I then realized "he" was actually a she and she was carrying babies from the sycamore tree down to the creek. I watched as she carried three babies, one at a time, carefully from that tall tree and all the way to the creek.

Who needs TV when you have my view?

Sunday May 8th was Mother's Day. It was my 36th Mother's Day to celebrate as a mother.

My children planned to take me to a goat show. I mean, where else do children take their mothers for Mother's Day? Of course I probably wouldn't complain if I got to sleep in until 7 a.m. and awoke to a clean house and a bacon and egg breakfast. Apparently my children see me just a little differently and think I belong at a goat show.

But that's okay. Mother's Day with my children is all that matters. I am truly blessed.