Occasionally, I take goats to schools to teach youth about the many uses of these wonderful animals.

More often than not, I learn something, too.

After returning from one of the educational trips, I ran fresh water for the goats in the barn and unloaded the 10 in the trailer. Now ALL of these animals had been fed and milked before I left. They had no needs.

Did they come and drink the fresh water I ran for them? NOOOOOO!

Did they start to graze in the 10-acre pasture I turned them into? NOOOOO!

They did none of the things NORMAL goats would do.

Instead of walking, they ran to the back fence which is on the other side of the creek and crawled under the new fence that the neighbor had just built. (This is a really nice fence that a mouse could not get under. A goat yes, but not a mouse.) Out into the beautiful alfalfa field they went!

So I started my hike back to the creek along with my dogs, two of which are large guard dogs. You know, the protectors of the animals and people they are suppose to be guarding.

There, running before me, is the creek that I must cross. We had had some rain so it was a little deeper and the banks a little muddier. As I gently tried to get into the water, I slid right into that darn creek! Completely soaked, and a little humiliated. And did I mention my dogs? You know, the ones that were there to protect me. Did I mention that they were still on the bank (dry ground)? I SWEAR they had smiles on their faces.

Did I also mention that I now hate goats?

So after getting the goats back across the creek (they knew a better place to cross) and back up to the barn, I called the husband. I let him know what we would have to do to our side of the fence, so we would not have any more of these "episodes."

His reply? He's not fixing the fence because he wants to put video cameras all around the farm so that he can catch what goes on while he is gone. He says we'll get rich. Sadly he is probably right.

New uses I learned for goats:

1. Target practice for rock throwing.

2. Vocabulary enhancement (words that cannot be written here for the clear fact that it would be offensive to some).

3. Swimming instructors.

4. Jogging companions (we ran back to the barn)

5. Entertainment for the neighbors as they drive by.

6. Entertainment for the dogs... and husband!