Press release

Over the past week the Joint Narcotics Team, with the assistance of local and county law enforcement personnel, served drug dealing warrants on the following individuals. These arrests stem from multiple investigations that have occurred over the past several months in Bartholomew County.

The undercover narcotics detectives consisting of Bartholomew County Sheriff's Office and Columbus Police Department have made multiple purchases of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine from below listed individuals on multiple occasions in Columbus and Bartholomew County.

Not only did undercover detectives purchase drugs, but they also completed hours of surveillance on these individuals. The drug enforcement administration out of Indianapolis also assisted in these investigations.

Those arrested include: 

Offender: Anton L Thompson, Date of Birth: 08/10/1989

Location: Greenwood Indiana

Charges: Dealing Cocaine


Offender: Ivan Carlos Chavez-Lozaya, Date of Birth:   10/01/1989 

Location: 820 15th Street.

Charges: warrant/poss handgun by convicted felon / poss of meth /poss of marijuana / resisting law enforcement


Offender: Terry L Sluder, Date of Birth: 09/17/1968

Location: 9th St and Wilson St

Charges: Warrant dealing Methamphetamine


Offender: Christopher Henson, Date of Birth: 12/18/1975

Location: Bartholomew County Jail

Charges: Warrant dealing Heroin


Offender: Anthony Johnson (aka Malik), Date of Birth: 12/11/1978

Location: 1156 Thicket Ct

Charges: Dealing Methamphetamine X2; Dealing Heroin X2; Possession of Meth and Heroin            


Offender: Allen D Dollarhide, Date of Birth:   05/10/1961

Location: 709 Werner Ave

Charges: Warrant dealing methamphetamine X2


Offender: Bridget M Dowden (Manvilla), Date of Birth: 10/05/1993

Location: 910 California St

Charges: Warrant dealing meth


Offender: Dewayne D Skinner, Date of Birth: 12/10/1968

Location: 702 Chestnut St

Charges: Warrant dealing meth


Offender: Joesph M Hawk, Date of Birth: 06/01/1975

Location: Mariah on Stadler Dr

Charges: Warrant dealing Meth


Offender: Lowell B Smith, Date of Birth: 10/25/1964

Location: 8753 N. Miami Ridge Rd

Charges: Dealing meth X2


Offender: Jeffrey D Johnson, Date of Birth: 09/03/1957

Location: 1026 Chestnut St

Charges: Dealing meth X2


Offender: Kenya M Jones, Date of Birth: 11/09/1979

Location: 161 Carrie Ln

Charges: Dealing meth


Offender: Calvin L Watkins, Date of Birth: 08/16/1971

Location: 25th St and Taylor Rd

Charges: Dealing Meth X2


Offender: David R Bozell, Date of Birth: 06/01/1986

Location: State St and Cherry St

Charges: Warrants X2; Poss. Meth, poss. Paraphernalia, DWS prior

More arrests to come.

All persons are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

These types of investigations take multiple hours, days and months to complete thoroughly to make a successful prosecutable case.