Press release

The Bartholomew County Park Board invites area residents to consider possible goals and strategies for Anderson Falls Park in an open house to be held in the County Commissioners' Chambers, 3-4 p.m. on Thursday Dec. 7th.

The address is 440 Third Street in Columbus, and the Commissioners' Chambers is on the ground floor facing Third Street.

In 2016, stakeholder meetings were held Hartsville and Columbus to begin the process of exploring the best possible future for Anderson Falls Park using a Purdue Extension program called Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces. Out of those meetings, as well as follow-on work sessions, came the drafted goals and strategies that will be introduced at the Open House. Draft goals and strategies sorted into seven areas:

  • Goal 1: Visitors find Anderson Falls Park to be welcoming in terms of information, wayfinding, maintenance, safety, and access.

  • Goal 2: Visitors find park to have well-maintained trails as well as rich native flora that is free from invasive species.

  • Goal 3: Information about the park is readily available on site and at other locations.

  • Goal 4: Awareness and protection of Anderson Falls Park are enhanced by community participation in projects an on social media. Regular activity discourages vandalism and other criminal activity.

  • Goal 5: Residents are aware of cultural and natural history opportunities offered by the park, and appropriate groups take advantage of them.

  • Goal 6: Funding and Planning make it possible for Anderson Falls Park to meet the future recreational needs of a growing population with an appropriately-planned public space built around an outstanding natural feature.

  • Goal 7: Residents consider Anderson Falls Park to be a success story in the development of a resource that offers enriching historical, natural, and cultural experiences in an environment that is welcoming, safe, and staffed.

    The open house will be followed by the Park Board's regular monthly meeting at 4:30 p.m., covering their regular agenda. Compiled input from the open house will be presented to the board on a later date.

    For more on Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces, see

    For more information: Kris Medic 812-379-1665