Press Release

Bartholomew Superior Court II Judge Kathleen "Kitty" Coriden and Sheriff Matt Myers are supporting higher fines for motorists who drive around high water barricades.

If convicted, defendants in Superior Court II, who have ignored road closure signs and driven around a “high water” barricade, will now be given the option to pay a $500 fine or to have their driver’s license suspended for 30 days.

“The Court recognizes the potential dangers and has decided to take this action as an additional incentive," said Judge Coriden.

“This certainly provides another reason for people not to drive around a high water barricade," said Sheriff Myers.

“Judge Coriden understands the potential danger, not only for the driver but for my deputies and other first responders, who have to rescue drivers who ignore high water signs... Sometimes people need a little more motivation – hopefully we have that now.”

“Most of the money will go to the state but this remains a bold move -- especially when it comes to public safety," Myers said.