Press Release

A 14-year-old is being charged in connection with a false 911 call that led Bartholomew County deputies and Indiana State Police troopers to investigate a Hartsville business.

Deputies were dispatched to the 20000 block of East State Road 46 in reference to a report of three armed subjects attempting a break in at about 3:17 a.m. on July 23rd. Multiple units arrived only to find the building secure and no one in/around the area.

During their investigation, deputies were able to obtain the address of the teen who allegedly made the report, and responded to the residence. The 14-year-old juvenile’s mother advised that her son was staying with a friend in Hartsville. Deputies located the juvenile at the friend’s home and returned him to his residence where, in the presence of his mother, he told deputies that he made the call because he was bored and wanted to see police respond.

The juvenile was arrested and charged in connection to the 911 call:

  • False Reporting of a Crime (Class A Misdemeanor)
  • Placement of a 911 call for prohibited purposes (Class A Misdemeanor)

At the detention center, the juvenile was also found to be concealing tobacco products in his clothing for which he was also charged.

“Making false 911 calls is a criminal offense," said Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew A. Myers. “This young man knowingly made a false call that took our deputies out of other areas where someone might have truly needed their help.

This is not only against the law, it is extremely dangerous."