I have written several articles related to the former Hauser Pedal Jet.

It made its debut in 1957 when Don Fisher was the coach. His son, Terry, was the first to fly it into the old Hope gym when he was around five. Mike Asher, long-time supporter of Hauser athletics, recently posted the following on his Hauser Scoreboard Facebook Page which is sponsored by HSJ Online:

“Attention Jets Nation! I need help. It can be advice, send me contacts, or manual labor. I will try to keep this short and simple. We have been brainstorming some things for the upcoming school year.

1. We are looking for two banners representing Hauser history: Hope Red Devils and Clifford Panthers. We'd like to find the original logos from Hope and Clifford.

2. No one can seem to locate the original Hauser Pedal Jet which is probably long gone. We have done a lot of research online as we would like to purchase one or possibly have it made by someone locally. Basically, it could be a tricycle made into a jet. We could get youngsters involved by riding at games. …

“We have some other ideas for Elementary Night that will happen in January or February 2021.

“That's what we have so far that I can share. Please tag contacts or add them to our group on the Hauser Scoreboard Facebook Page so that I can talk to them. Thank you all for taking the time to read, and I appreciate any help. Go Jets!”

Since Mike posted this in late May, he has received much feedback, and a plan has consequently been developed with full support of Tyler Phillips, Hauser's Athletic Director. A small committee is in the process of being formed. Two pedal jet kits will be purchased for around $400 each, one black with white lettering and one white with black lettering. The pedal jets will lead the teams on the floor. During player introductions, moving spotlights will be incorporated and hopefully LED lights on the jets. There will be two banners, one for the Hope Red Devils and one for the Clifford Panthers with final cost depending on several factors. In addition, if memorabilia from the Hope Red Devils and the Clifford Panthers is donated, then a display case will be purchased. Mike is thrilled that he has already received one donation of $100 for this wonderful project.

Both pedal jets will be incorporated for varsity basketball, boys and girls, as well as varsity volleyball. Mike, also long-time MC for several Hauser sports, is looking forward to the return of the Hauser Pedal Jet, to once again join the Hauser Victory Bell. As he stated, “It will be another mighty special event in the history of Hauser sports!”

If interested in making a monetary donation, please make it to the Hauser Athletic Department and designate it toward the Pedal Jet Project on the memo line while mailing to the following address:

Hauser Athletic Department
Hauser High School
9273 North State Road 9
Hope, IN 47246

If you have memorabilia that you would like to donate for the Hope Red Devils and Clifford Panthers Display Case, then please call Mike Asher at 812-378-4364.