For 20 years now, high school students from all over Bartholomew County come together in February to raise awareness of domestic and dating violence in our community.

The annual Dance Marathon is not just a dance, it also raises funds in support of Turning Point Domestic Violence Services and their resources and outreach programs. Dance Marathon has brought together hundreds of students over the years to learn about the prevention and awareness of domestic and dating violence. 

For those with little knowledge on the actual event, it is a 10-hour, overnight dance. While some may be turned off by the word “dance,” it is not a dance competition and attendees do not even have to dance while they are there.

There are different performers or activities every hour, ranging from DJs to band performances, and even to a Zumba session. Along with this, every hour there is a short presentation discussing how to prevent and be aware of domestic and dating violence.

There is a whole room dedicated to various games like Mario Kart and Gaga Ball. There is a Prevention Lounge, which has different activities such as, face painting, Battle of the Sexes, and a scavenger hunt. There is something for everybody all night long.

Dance Marathon is a truly unbelievable event to partake in. In a society where domestic and dating violence is not commonly discussed, and occasionally a taboo topic, this dance provides younger generations with information about healthy relationships, and how to recognize an unhealthy one.

The unique aspect of this event is that it is planned by high school students. Every week, since September, a group of high schoolers collaborate alongside mentors and Turning Point staff to create this educational and fun event. After a night at the Dance Marathon, students will walk away tired, but also ecstatic from the fun experience. They will also be better prepared to enter the world with the knowledge gained during the experience. Dance Marathon isn’t just a dance. It’s not just a fundraiser.

Dance Marathon is a chance to bring our community together to become further educated on available services and start the journey towards eliminating domestic and dating violence.

Dance Marathon is on February the 23rd-24th starting at 8 p.m. and wrapping up at 6 a.m. Any Bartholomew County high school student is welcome to come.

For further information on the event, go to . As it is the 20th Annual Dance Marathon, it will be bigger and better than ever!