It has been some time since I have written. Many changes and events have taken place. Some good, some not so much.

One event that has stolen our hearts is the addition of Miss Paisley Mae, our granddaughter born May 6 to Anthony and Taylor. Grandchildren make everything in the world right. Along with the new grand, another event that I didn't think I would ever do. I switched jobs. I now work 40 hours a week in a small factory making wiring harnesses. It was a tough decision after 22 years with my agency. But I feel I went in the right direction.

The farm. I had hoped for some changes this year and they just didn't happen. My goal was to cut our goat herd in half. Let's just say that isn't working out well. It has been a struggle physically to take care of the animals. I stand in my kitchen window and look out at my little shack of a barn and think, "I just can't today." And then I get all my stuff together and make my way, grudgingly, to milk the does at 5 a.m. before work. I sit there in my peaceful place and cannot imagine living without it. Some of the does require special attention. You know, the kisses and hugs and a little wither scratching before getting off the milk stand. Calamity actually refuses to come off the milk stand until she has her love.

While I milk, I can watch the sun come up through the trees. I have watched with amazement, how everything has changed from winter to spring and now headed into summer. The woods started with a beautiful carpet of green, yet the trees had not filled out yet. You could easily see the herd of deer grazing across the creek. They know that we are there but seem unfazed by our presence. We sometimes take a break and just stand at the fence to watch them. The filling in of the trees has obscured our view just a bit but has added more beauty to the landscape.

Often I don't get in until after dark. On those clear nights when the moon is out, there are simply no words to describe the view. I find God's hand has touched all of this to create an incredible scene that I am so grateful for.

So I guess I will just keep my too many goats and be tired and happy all wrapped up into one.

Kidding season this year. Well, that was interesting. A couple of disappointments with two of our best that didn't breed. However, we had one of the easiest kidding seasons we have had in some time. I think we ended with about 45 kids and only one loss. Not too bad. We decided that we would only keep 6 kids back this year. Another thing not working out well. We're keeping 13 for the moment. We have made decisions to retire some of the older girls and to sell a few with hopes the numbers will equal out. I'm hoping my math skills are still sharp!

We did have some losses this year. A couple that were tough. We had to say goodbye to Mazikeen. We found in January 2021 that she had cancer at 2 years old. The vet said maybe 30 days and it would be extremely painful for her. She lived 9 months and never did I see her uncomfortable. She passed quietly in the utility room with Ayana and I holding her.

We also had to say goodbye to GCH Double Y Farms Falucious. Fal was 15 years old and she was one of those once-in-a-lifetime animals. We miss them both. But we realize this is the tough part of having animals.

We have had a few additions. With the loss of Mazikeen as our guardian over the goats we had to find a replacement. Echo joined us in February. She is a full Anatolian and quite an incredible animal. She takes her job seriously and watches over not just the goats but the kittens and her humans, as well. I also convinced myself that we would make a good foster home for a puppy. When the rescue said they had applications for Chleo I said, "Nope!" A catahoula is learning to work goats with our new border collie, Doc. Please take note that taking on 3 puppies in a few months is not a wise thing to do!

I continue to quilt and hoping to do some canning this season. I have done the entries for the Nationals and State as well as the Hoosier Classic. That may be the limit on the goat showing this year. I have cut my judging schedule back, as well. This getting old thing is another thing not working out so well!

I feel so very blessed to have my little farm. I see nothing but God's beauty in all of it. From my little woods to being able to watch new life come into this very crazy world. It is my peace.

Look around. Find your blessings...they're there, you just have to look.