From: Michael C Marcum

Hello, I wanted to reach out and share a wonderful situation about one of your town's residents. Matt Dobbs of Hope, Indiana is the owner of Innovative Home Repair & Maintenance Services.

My grandmother called Innovative early this morning wanting someone to give her a second look at her air conditioner that went out. She received an estimate from another service company yesterday afternoon at over $6,000 for replacement. Matt told her that there would be no charge to come out and look, I believe his commute to her house is approximately one hour each way and after a quick diagnostic he found a wire that was cut by my nephew accidentally while trimming weeds around air conditioner.

Matt explained to her that she did not need a new unit, made the necessary repairs within an hour and only charged her $74 including the wire. Matt's company is a rare breed that still puts their customers first and foremost and the fact that he could have agreed with the other estimate to make much more money but chose to save her well over $6,000 is something that is rare with businesses today.

I truly believe he is a true asset to your community and any customer would be lucky to have his company as a service provider they can count on. Good deeds are rarely recognized so I thought I would at least take the time to let you know what type of a great person you have in your community. I would be happy to provide more details if necessary.

Attached is a link to a short video that he posted on YouTube at some point earlier today and on his Facebook page trying to warn other homeowners simple things they can do to prevent being taken advantage of and save a lot of money. It may be something you would like to review.

Thank you so much for your time!