Sarah Taylor was the type of person that everyone knew of and loved. She was the embodiment of joy. She was graceful, loving, kind, passionate, and beautiful until the day she ran to Jesus's arms. Sarah and I were friends for 200 days. It does not seem like a lot, but those 200 days were filled with sisterhood, growth, and love. I know we all wish we would have had more time with Sarah and that we could have seen her grow old and experience the things we consider important. But, Sarah has so much more now. She is pain free, cancer free, and whole. It is significant to recognize that Sarah is no longer suffering.

I wish everyone would have known Sarah the way I did. But, the greatest thing about her is that you did not have to be close to her to see the greatness of her and the light that shined from her so brightly. I remember the first time I went to see Sarah. It was a hot afternoon in July. We spent our time together laughing, telling stories, discussing our post-secondary plans, and praying. Sarah told me that when she graduated, she wanted to join the ministry and spread the word of Jesus far and wide. And, she did. She still is going to be spreading the gospel and the love of Jesus because of the impact she has had on this community. I know so many adults that would not be able to have the faith Sarah did during her journey, and it continues to amaze me.

I never wanted to live in a world without Sarah Taylor. It has been some of the hardest days I have ever experienced. However, Sarah would not want me to be sad. She would not want any of us to be sad. She would want us to rejoice knowing that she is with Jesus. Sarah is a beautiful soul, and her story will live on for generations to come. As hard as it is to live each day without Sarah, I know it isn’t hard for her anymore. More than anything, I know Sarah would have wanted us to continue to spread love, peace, and kindness to everyone around us. Sarah’s body may no longer be here, but her spirit will be carried on.

We will always be Sarah Strong.