The Hope Ride was born in 1988 thanks to the ambition and vision of Paul Ashbrook. On Saturday, August 6, we will have our second Hope Run/Walk, still very much in its infancy. Proceeds from the Hope Run/Walk will benefit HSJ Online, our community's local and free reading digital media source since 2015.

(The Hauser Athletic Department will receive 15% of the proceeds.)

Having spent my first 15 years as a professional educator at Hauser, I know how important a sense of “community” is to the citizens of Hope. The combination of my continued fondness for the Hope community, being a periodic contributing writer to HSJ Online and being an avid runner gave birth to the idea of putting together a “5Kish” Run/Walk to raise funds to aid in the operations of “HSJ Online.” When longtime Hope resident, Hope Elementary teacher and HSJ Team member – David Webster – was approached with the idea, he thought it was worth a shot. Well, here we are, just a few weeks away from our second attempt at what is hoped will become an event that will only continue to grow with time.

That first Hope Ride – back in 1988 – drew 13 riders. That’s right – 13 riders. At its peak, the Hope Ride drew over 2,200 riders from over seven states.

The first Hope Run/Walk had 47 participants, and there is hope for numbers to be considerably larger for this one. The sky is the limit for future Hope Runs/Walks.

Like the Hope Ride, certainly one of the goals of the August 6 Hope Run/Walk is to promote adopting a lifestyle that includes regular exercise to go along with giving back to the community.

If interested in participating in the Hope “5Kish” Run/Walk, there are a number of ways to register. Event/registration information can be found on In addition, registration forms can be picked up in Hope at several places around the square: Special by Design, WILLow LeaVes, Reflections, Hope Library and Miller Insurance. Forms are also available in Columbus at Hoosier Sporting Goods.

We hope to see you there the Saturday morning of August 6 for the 2022 Hope Run/Walk. Let’s work together to make this yet another event for which the community can be very proud.

** Note: Due to my health battles, I will not be able to attend; however, I will be there in spirit and look forward to joining all in the third HSJ Online Hope Run/Walk in 2023.

** Note from David Webster: Todd Grimes is a friend and former colleague. All participants in the Hope Run/Walk will receive a HOPE/Always & Forever Bracelet in honor of Todd. And a card will be available to sign and express best wishes. **