Heritage of Hope has announced its 2021 festival Grand Marshal.  Randy and Tonya Sims will hold the esteemed honor this fall.  The husband and wife team have devoted their time and energy to the festival and town of Hope for many years.  

Two Heritage of Hope members, Chuck Caldwell and Michael Dean note, "From what I have learned from him over the years, Randy may have only missed one Heritage Days since it started. Working on the board was something that he set his sights on very early. In 2008 after Don passed away and Randy was made President of the Festival & Bandstand Division, I remember a talk we had at Heritage Days at the Postal Museum on Sunday night long after everyone had gone home. He couldn't believe that he now had this responsibility. Being President meant a lot to him. Carrying on the work of people that came before him in a way that they would approve meant a lot. Don Dillman told me when I started back in 2003, or so, that Randy was the only member of our board that was irreplaceable. I have learned that too.  Over the years he has served many roles. In addition to coordinating the logistics of our event, he has been a liaison to the Town Council and a vital resource in completing improvement projects, including the past two OCRA grants. He has also served on many committees for the town including zoning boards."