Shawn Price, Superintendent of the Flat-Rock Hawcreek School Corporation, has issued a statement regarding the start of E-Learning. The statement reads:

Flat Rock-Hawcreek Families,

As I mentioned last week, Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corporation has been committed to staying open to in-person instruction as long as it is safe AND meaningful for all stakeholders.  After reviewing the most recent COVID-19 data for Bartholomew County and considering the numbers of students and staff impacted by the illness, both Hauser Jr./Sr. Highs School and Hope Elementary will be moving to virtual instruction for the period beginning Tuesday November 17th through Sunday November 29th.  ON Monday November 16th, school will not be in session to allow parents and teachers time to prepare for student virtual learning.  

Prior to Thanksgiving FRHC will reevaluate the community spread as well as our capacity to open back up to in-person teaching and learning on November 30th, 2020.   Returning to in-person instruction will rest largely on "our" (student, staff and community at large) ability to mitigate the spread AND not be determined to be a close contact of someone with COVID.

Each building has been working on specific virtual learning expectations and requirements that will be shared later today.  We hope by making this announcement today and not providing instruction on Monday, families will have time to prepare for this change.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding tis transition please do not hesitate to call. 


Shawn Price

News of the closure of in person follows closely behind Governor Holcomb's re-imposition of COVID restrictions in many counties.  Bartholomew County is considered an orange county. Gatherings of over fifty people are prohibited, unless permission is obtained for the Health Department.  Religious gatherings are are exempt from restriction