Hear ye! Hear ye! Ground has officially been broken on the Main Street of Hope Downtown Revitalization Plan! As someone who has served in various capacities on numerous committees relating to this project for over three years I am so excited to see construction beginning! Please bear with the dust and the construction mess as we work to make Hope a better place to live and work.  The playground will be closed during construction.  It appears concrete cutting and removal of existing sidewalks are happening today.  The sidewalk to nowhere is gone.  Those of us with some age will recall when it led to the Rural Mail Carriers Museum.  Remodeling of the old Arford building next to the Yellow Trail Museum also continues so those items will have a new home.

Correction:  The playground will remain open during construction.  There is a barrier fence on the west and north side of the playground equipment to separate the play area from the construction area.