INDY HONOR FLIGHT #35 - June 4, 2022
My Veteran – John Holguin, Vietnam War
Susan Thayer Fye – John’s Guardian

I was just matched with John as my veteran for Indy Honor Flight #35 on June 4. John and his
wife Beverly live in Columbus, and this is a life-changing experience for both Veteran and
Guardian. I have worked with 3 Veterans in the past, but this one is different. I need the help
of all my connections who support and truly appreciate Veterans and Veteran issues.

John was a civil engineer in the Vietnam War, but was involved in direct combat during his time
there. He has already relayed to me some of the intense memories he has from his service to
prove his involvement and dedication. He, like other Vietnam Veterans, came home to a very
cool reception for the sacrifices he made to protect us back home during this chaotic time.

I am asking you to flood John’s Mail Call Bag (see front info) with thank-you cards and notes
from you and your family (cards and notes from children and grandchildren are especially
appreciated). Please see mailing address on the front. If you can’t get something mailed in
time, please send to me at the following address and I can slip cards into John’s Mail Call bag on
the airplane coming home. My address (if you mail something May 25 or after):

John Holguin, Indy Honor Flight #35
c/o Susan Thayer Fye, Guardian
P.O. Box 183
Hope, In 47246

I have seen how the Veterans react to these personal notes and cards. You have no idea how
much of an impact this has. I am personally writing my own letter to John today based upon
my own experiences with the Vietnam War. Please help John feel your appreciation for his
service for the first time in his life. Thank you for your help! 

Susan Thayer Fye