As Grubby is under the weather this year, Hope will be stepping up for her first Groundhog Day.  Hope was born last spring, and will be taking Grubby's place.  Like Grubby, Hope is considered non releasable and resides at Utopia.  She does not have the natural prey defenses required for a wild animal.  It is illegal to own a wild groundhog in Indiana.  You can watch the ceremonies live on Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators Facebook page.  In years past Kathy Hershey has done presentations at the local school, but that will not happen this year due to COVID restrictions.  Students of Flat Rock-Hawcreek, as well as other local school corporations, will have the opportunity to watch the livestream video.  Tune in at 8:30 am for the big event.   Black tie attire optional.