There is now a laptop computer available for viewing HSJ Online articles located at WILLow LeaVes of Hope.  

As has been the case since 2015 thanks to the efforts of Stephanie Shoaf, HSJ Business Coordinator, readers of “HSJ Online” can still find physical copies of articles at the Hope Library.  Previously, they could also be found at Reflections but now are within the reading area of WILLow LeaVes.

In addition, David & Lisa Webster, Mach 1PC (Shelbyville), and WILLow LeaVes worked together to add a laptop computer connected to a larger television screen for readers to be able to easily access and view the “HSJ Online” website.  A special thanks is extended to Mach 1PC for their generosity in this endeavor.  Of course, desktop computers are always available at the Hope Library for referring to “HSJ Online” too (

Once again, we wish to thank our readers and contributors for your great support with 2022 being our eighth year in continuing a long tradition of providing local news.