I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day yesterday.  It can be a difficult day for some who have lost their mother, lost a child, never had a chance to be a mother or have a strained family relationship.  In honor of mother's day instead of focusing on loss and hurt, I encourage you to honor a woman who has mothered you in some fashion.  Alternately, take this as a chance to reach out and do some mothering yourself.  The world could use a little extra dose of caring and compassion now; two characteristics mothers are well known for.  

Duck Creek Gardens was busy as a beehive Saturday, with patrons seeking just the right flowers for their mothers. Hopefully the cold snaps will have passed with Monday's foretcsted frost and everyone's beautiful Mother's Day flowers will be safe outside.   I always heard you should not plant flowers outside until after Mother's Day, as the danger of a hard frost was not past until then.  My own mother imparted this piece of wisdom to me.  I am not sure where she learned it.  Perhaps she learned it from her mother, who was an avid gardener.  It seems not everyone knows this tidbit of homespun wisdom anymore, so consider yourself informed and happy planting!