Smoke on the Square is approaching again.  The festivities will be held Friday, May 13th at approximately 4:00 pm and will resume on Saturday the 14th at 11:00 until sell out.  This will be the 11th annual event benefiting the Hope Community Center.  All meals will be served under the shelterhouse and include:

$10.00 Brisket Meal*
$9.00 Pulled Pork Meal*
$8.00 Grilled Chicken Meal*
$5.00 Hot Dog Meal - chips and drink only
*Meals served with Sandwich, Potato Salad, Chips, and Drink
$8.00 Brisket Sandwich
$7.00 Pulled Pork Sandwich
$6.00 Grilled Chicken Sandwich
$2.00 Hot Dog
$2.00 Potato Salad
$1.00 Chips
$1.00 Drink
$5.00 Funnel Cake - served from Rho Chapter of the Kappa Kappa Sigma Sorority


2022 Teams registered so far include:

1.Ronis Ribs
2. Dangerous Dave’s BBQ
3. Old Fat Guy BBQ
4. Gettin’ Piggy With It
5. Great White Smoke
6. Pylon Porkers
7. Kunze’s Killer BBQ