Hope's Pete Law is expanding his acting skills with a summer trip to Los Angeles.
Hope's Pete Law is expanding his acting skills with a summer trip to Los Angeles.

Since Hope resident Pete Law left his teaching career of nearly 20 years in 2017, he has been following life's subtle signs. And they've led him to Hollywood. Literally.

This summer, Law will be heading to Los Angeles, Calif., for nearly two months to study at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, a prestigious acting school founded by American actress Stella Adler in New York City in 1949.

In February, Law traveled to Chicago to attend an open call for auditions for the studio's summer classes.

Law says he was used to traveling to Chicago for acting workshops, so he was accustomed to the traffic. However, this time he encountered no obstacles and found where he was supposed to be without issue. 

At the last minute he discovered the piece he has selected to read wouldn't work and he would need to improvise. He chose something original -- a story from "Laws of Jackson Street," a one-man show he wrote and debuted at Willow Leaves of Hope last year. 

The representative from the Adler Studio loved it. And one week later Law received an acceptance letter to the Studio's 2018 summer film and television class. 

Law was ecstatic because he had accomplished something that was nearly unheard of. He was accepted on one audition and didn't have to go through the nerve-racking process of a second audition, commonly known as a callback. 

"Ten years ago if you would have told me I would leave my teaching career I would have told you that you were crazy," Law says. "I just can't believe this is something that is happening. I really believe everything happens for a reason."

The 43-year-old, who currently substitute teaches for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, has always had an inner nagging feeling about becoming an actor. Following the deaths of his mother and father more than 10 years ago, that feeling got stronger.

Since 2010, he has attended numerous acting workshops, including at Second City in Chicago, acted in several plays and movies and founded the Actors' Studio of Hope in 2013. 

Now, as his departure for California gets closer, he admits he has days when he gets a bit anxious. Between arranging finances and preparing for the trip it can get overwhelming, he says. 

But he knows this is truly a huge opportunity. 

"My biggest thing is I hope it helps me to grow as an actor," he says. "I would also like to gain some contacts in Los Angeles and to have some opportunities that can help me to get the experience I need."

Law's sister, Amy Banks, couldn't be a more proud big sister.

She describes her brother as always being the center of attention and says when she found out about his anticipated trip to LA she couldn't contain her excitement.

"That was the quickest I've ever moved," she recalls. "I started screaming and hugging him and said, 'You're going somewhere now!'"
Law isn't the only one who feels there has been a touch of synchronicity at work in the unfolding of his career path as an actor. Not only has Banks seen an increase in confidence and a letting go of other's opinions blossom in her brother, but something even more profound. 

"Even though I kid about what mom and dad would say, I know they're looking down upon him and they're helping him and opening doors for him," she says. "God has blessed Pete with his acting career and how far he has come." 

Long-time friend and business partner, Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle, says she couldn't be more proud of Law. 

"This is truly a dream of his and I think it is a giant leap forward for him," she says. "I hope, with everything in me, that this leads him to be able to pursue the dream of his lifetime."

Since he started attending the acting workshops in Chicago up to now, Pyle says Law is much more positive, relaxed and confident. And his acceptance to Stella Adler has only proven to validate that he is on the right path. 

"It has been good for him," she says. "I just hope it leads to something for him that he really wants and I would like him to have the desire of his heart."