For nearly 40 years, Shaton's on the square has been area residents' go-to for Levi and Carhartt apparel. Today, the store stays ahead of trends to continue to offer personalized service that has clearly withstood the test of time. Owner Shannon Anderson talks about how the business started, how they stay ahead of the trending curves, challenges and what it's like to work with family.

Your family name is Andrews, so how did the name Shaton's come about?

My name is Shannon and my sister's name is Tonya. My father took the first three letters of our names and formed Shaton's -- a made up word.

What was the motivation behind opening Shaton's?

My father, Richard, had worked at Cummins all his life and in the 1980s they cut 30 percent of the workforce and he was one of them. There were several other factors and one is my mother, Joyce, has the entrepreneurial drive.

How do you keep the store's inventory going with the flow of trends?

If you're not changing you're dying. We have sold Levi's for 30 plus years. We've sold Carhartt clothing and jeans for almost 15 years. One thing we love people to know is we rent tuxedos.

How long have you worked for the family business?

I've been here 23 years full-time.

And how has the business changed over those 23 years?

When we started you could buy Levi's at Dell Brothers and here and that was it in all of Bartholomew County and it was great. Now you can buy them everywhere. We own the carlot in the back and my father and I sold used cars. And then for a while we were in the used golf cart business. Hey, if you can sell it, we will do it.

How has the many changes on the square influenced your business?

Every business brings every other business more customers. The more flow of people you have the better. I wish we had more businesses.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced working for your family's business?

Working with my parents. I would say during the holidays we are family. Other times you can't think like family, you are business partners. Being able to disagree and not take it personal.

How do you stay ahead of the trends?

You have to change with the times. One of the things we do that keeps us relevant is we carry, especially in denim, tough sizes. We are offering a service that others can, but choose not to. It's about personal service. We do a lot of special Carhartt orders. I have the knowledge of the product and the gift of gab. I'm a retailing juggernaut.

Where do you see the business going in the coming years?

I think we are going to simplify. Instead of carrying 100 things, let's carry 10 and do it the best we can.

What's been the best part about having a business on the town square?

It's been a pleasure serving the wonderful, caring people of Hope. They're kind people. We've looked onto this square since 1979. I'm looking out my door at the square right now and we are going in the right direction. This town is definitely doing better. Period. It is just that simple.