Recent efforts to clean up the town of Hope have led one candidate to run for election to the Hope Town Council. But others find the changes a positive to the community. 

Louis "Lou K." Kujawski is running as a Republican for one of the two open seats on the Hope Town Council in Tuesday's election. He said that is directly due to his frustrations with the town's efforts to cleanup junked cars from properties and the institution of the fee for trash pickup.

"I support those efforts, however they went about it all wrong," Kujawski said. "They should have put it on the ballot and had the people of Hope vote whether or not they wanted it or didn't want it. The majority typically rules. If the vote would have been in favor of trash pickup then of course everybody would have to consent to it.

He went on to say that many of the elderly people in the community don't have the money to afford the current trash fee.

"Some of those folks can't afford the extra $10 a month, they have got budgets," Kujawski said.

Incumbent Councilman Clyde Compton, also a Republican, said he fully supports the cleanup efforts "100 percent," including the trash pickup.

"A few people were against it, but now it's approval rating is through the wall," Compton said. "People are commenting on how clean the town is. They have never seen it so clean, since they have lived here. That improves property values. It keeps wildlife (away) -- raccoons, possums, stuff like that, we have had that problem before. We don't have that problem now. It takes away the food source away, it is just a win-win." 

Democratic incumbent Jerry Bragg is also a proponent of the cleanup efforts.

"I support the cleaning up of the town," Bragg said. "You can see a difference just by driving around through town. It has been a major difference and I think it has been a plus."

Chelsea Warriner is also a Democrat and said she overall supports the cleanup efforts so far. However she thinks the trash service and associated fee was started too soon. 

"I think they are doing a good job on what they are doing," Warriner said. "I would say that as far as encouraging the trash service like they did could have been done a little bit differently."

"I support the initial efforts to clean up the community," she said. "I think the red tag strategy was effective and I think it worked really well. I think the town manager had some really good numbers coming out of that. I think we could have started there and pushed that a little bit longer."

Polls are open on Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can cast your ballot at any one of the 18 voting centers across Bartholomew County.