The Yellow Trail Museum will be offering its annual Christmas Homes Tour on Friday, Dec. 6th, from 6 to 9 p.m.

The tour will allow you to take a self guided tour to visit the homes of Courtney and Josh Smith, Barry Beeker, Pastor Ed and Lila Cottrell, and Ronnie and Brenda Tallent. Also available for visiting that night will be a wonderful nativity collection by Vicki Pitts at the First Baptist Church, Simmons School -- and the one room schoolhouse behind Hope Elementary. Otter Creek Golf Course will also be on the tour and will introduce guests to some new special meals, a Sunday Brunch, and the possibility of space rental for special occasions.

All evening, the museum will be open with refreshments and will provide a place for restroom stops or just to warm up or rest for a while. The museum is also decorated from top to bottom for our guests to see.

Tickets will be available at the museum or WILLow LeaVes in advance, or there will be plenty of tickets available the night of the tour starting at 5 p.m., at the museum. Cost of the tickets are $10 each.

This is always a favorite event, especially for those who make it an annual outing with friends or family. Don't miss this opportunity.

Questions? Call Lizzie at the museum at 812-546-8020 or Barb at 812-371-7969.