Editor's Note: This is the first part of a series on the candidates running for the Hope Town Council in the 2018 election.

Four candidates are running next week for the two open seats on the Hope Town Council.

Election Day is Tuesday and Hope will be choosing between incumbents Jerry Bragg and Clyde Compton, and first-time candidates Chelsea Warriner and Louis M. Kujawski.

Democratic incumbent Jerry Bragg, 52, has served for a full term on the Town Council and one year of a previous member's term. He is married to Mary and he works as a lead glazier, working with glass. He said he has a high school education. He served on the board of the Community Center of Hope, where he became vice president. He is a superintendent at Faith Chapel Church.

"I am running because I live here, I love this town," Bragg said. "I love the small town feel. It is almost like a big family. Everybody just about knows everybody. Since I have been on there, we have got a lot of good positive things done and started and I would love to see it finish, see it through. And just see what else we could bring to the town that the people need."

Republican incumbent Clyde Compton, 64, has served three terms on the council including two years as president of the council. He said he is retired and is married to Jenny and they have four sons and three daughters, all grown. He has a high school education and has served on the town's EDIT committee for four years and Plan Commission for 10.

"Basically, I am running because number one, we have improved (the town) so much in the last 10 years that I want to see it continue," Compton said. "I would like to make sure that this town doesn't go by the wayside like a lot of smaller towns do across the nation, unfortunately.

"I need to help keep the edge on the situation to whereas we don't get to that point. We are improving year by year and it has got to continue. You can not just lay back and go back to the past. You have to have experienced people on there that know what is going on."

Republican Louis M. Kujawski will appear on the ballot at "Lou K." He is 56, works around the house, is married to Lisa and they have an adult son who is a student. He attended Ball State University and majored in criminal justice and criminology. He said he was a write-in candidate for president in Indiana when Barack Obama was seeking the presidency. He attends First Baptist Church in Hartsville.

He decided to run for the council based on the recent efforts the town instituted to clean up the community. Kujawski said that while he would like to see the community cleaned up, he thinks the town went about it all wrong.

"I can attribute my running to the Hope Police Department and the Hope Town Council and their enforcement of the abandoned vehicle code and the compulsory trash pickup that they forced on the community not too long ago," Kujawski said.

Democrat Chelsea Warriner, 30, is executive director of the Community Center of Hope. She is married to Joshua and holds a bachelor's degree from Purdue University in organization leadership and supervision. She has never run for office. Warriner is treasurer of the Hope Area Chamber of Commerce and is involved in Kappa Kappa Sigma sorority.

She said she is running for Town Council because she lives and works in Hope.

"Decisions that are made, I would like to be more involved in those decisions" Warriner said. "What I would like to accomplish really, overall, is getting Hope residents more informed and maybe more involved in those decisions that could potentially affect them as well."