Dave Miller and J.T. Doane take part in the 2016 Goodies, Goblins and Ghost Stories on the Hope Town Square.
Dave Miller and J.T. Doane take part in the 2016 Goodies, Goblins and Ghost Stories on the Hope Town Square.

Ghost, goblins and a spook-tacular good time are expected at Hope’s annual Goodies, Goblins and Ghost Stories at 5 p.m. Oct. 27th.

“We are expanding the event this year,” says Dave Miller, organizer and branch supervisor at the Hope Branch Library. “We’ve had a really good turnout the past couple of years and I think it is time to spread our wings a little and gear it a little bigger.”

Among new attractions this year is a mad scientist station offered by Deb Gaff, science teacher with Hauser Junior-Senior High School, and at 4 p.m. a special presentation of “An Evening with Mary Shelley” will be offered at WILLow LeaVes of Hope, Miller says.

The Indiana Humanities organization has a statewide book read each year and this year the focus book is “Frankenstein,” Miller says.

Presented by Adrienne Provenzano, “An Evening with Mary Shelley,” is a “cool marriage with Goodies, Goblins and Ghost Stories,” Miller says. “It will not be a drop-in drop-out event like the others on the square,” he says. “Those who are interested in attending may contact the library or WILLow LeaVes to reserve their spot.”

Area residents can anticipate the return of event favorites, including Night at the Haunted Museum, which is held at the Yellow Trail Museum, campfire with s’mores, pumpkin painting and crafts, as well as Trunk-or-Treat and a costume parade. Main Street of Hope will also be offering spooky carnival games on the square, Miller says.

Susan Thayer Fye, executive director of Main Street of Hope, calls the event perfect for the town of Hope.

“It caters to families and is something grandparents can do with their grandchildren,” she says. “it is a good match for things that go over well in Hope.”

Last year’s event, which attracted an estimated 250 people despite the frigid temperatures, was very well received, Miller says.

Since taking over the event a few years ago, Miller says he hasn’t looked back.

“When the Bartholomew County Historical Society pulled back their involvement, I knew that event was going to drop and I didn’t want to see that happen,” he says. “It is a cool event and I think it offers something different from the typical haunted house or corn maze like many typical fall, Halloween events.”

Miller says Halloween is one of his favorite holidays and it shows as he anticipates reprising his role as Circus Ringmaster this year.

“As a librarian, so many of the conversations we have with kids are about fantasy worlds,” he says. “And all that falls under Halloween. Even most of the thrillers and action adventure movies that adults watch are very much Halloween stuff. You get to dress up and get candy and that is a pretty good holiday in my book.”

Hope Town Manager J.T. Doane says he will also return this year in his role as storyteller for the event’s haunted haywagon rides that amble down Washington Street to Aiken Street down one block and back up Jackson Street.

Although, he hasn’t decided if he will return in costume as a brown hound dog this year, Doane says he is certainly looking forward to the event.

“As a storyteller, I talk about different things in Hope and answer questions from those who are from out of town,” Doane says. “We make sure everyone has a wonderful, festive time.”

The Trunk-or-Treat portion of this year’s event will kick off at 5 p.m. on the north end of the square between The Gold Nugget Pawn Shop and Shaton’s, Miller says.

Volunteers for the Trunk-or-Treat portion of the event are still needed, Miller says.

“I am really looking for volunteers for that,” Miller says. ”If anyone wants to participate in Trunk-or- Treat please touch base with me. Come, bring a bunch of candy, it is a fantastic time.”