We would like to thank the community for the great support of the HSJ Online Hope Run/Walk. Now, we are partnering with Duck Creek Gardens once again to sell mums. Please consider buying 1 for $8, 2 for $15, or 3 for $20. Cards are for 9" mums.  Four cards may be purchased for $28 to redeem for one 14" mum. Mum cards can be purchased from: Jessica Brown, Michael Dean, Don Hewitt, David Webster, Terri Young, Howard Zachariah, Stephanie Shoaf, or Carrie & Brock Harris. In addition, you can purchase mum cards at Reflections and WILLow LeaVes or during Heritage Days at our booth under the shelter house. Mum card(s) can be redeemed at Duck Creek Gardens through Saturday, October 16th.