All organizations go through transition periods. “HSJ Online” is going through one now, and we could not ask for this time to be any smoother.

John Clark, our Content Coordinator, since December 2014, felt a need to allow someone else in the position. John said, “I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the organization as it came to life and matured. But unfortunately, the time and energy that I have available has fallen far behind what the site and community of Hope needs.”

All of us are thrilled that Jennifer Willhite, our Features Writer since 2015, agreed to take the position of Content Coordinator while continuing to write articles.

Under John's extraordinary leadership and with a team devoted to continuing a long tradition of providing local news, much has been accomplished. (2015-2021 highlights are included to view.)

J. David McChesney, managing partner of our website provider, 1 up!, has stressed the following about “HSJ Online” when meeting with our team, “It is one of the best small-town media source stories, and we always share the story of its success with our prospective clients.” (We are gradually switching to ePublishing but are very pleased that David will still be very involved providing his technical skills and personal advice.)

Michael Dean, former CEO of Heritage Of Hope which thankfully “HSJ Online” is within their umbrella as a not-for-profit organization, expressed: “John is a true media professional. Without his expertise and effort, we would have had a very different and more difficult journey. He not only brought his own talents to us, but those of his colleagues like Jennifer Willhite. I am happy that Jenn will be carrying on with his and our mission.”

As David Miller, writer for “HSJ Online,” stated, “John worked with Larry Simpson, former Owner/Editor/Publisher of our newspaper who died unexpectedly, and came on board with a rich journalism background while knowing the Hope community, all keys in continuing a media source for the area.”

Bud Herron, an individual with a long journalism background and who was instrumental in important decisions and formational work related to “HSJ Online” said, “John has been a great asset since the very beginning. My best wishes to him in every way. Jenn is a great replacement.”

Undoubtedly, Jennifer Willhite is a great replacement! Her resume is incredible. She has the following degrees from Indiana University: Bachelor of Arts, Journalism; Bachelor of Arts, English; and, Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Literature. She has had multiple journalism experiences and has worked on multiple publications; she is familiar with several computer programs, all applicable to being our Content Coordinator. Most importantly, Jenn has great passion for “HSJ Online” and the Hope community. She has cheerfully covered a variety of subjects over the years while incorporating different interviewing methods.

Jenn shared these thoughts about her new and additional “HSJ Online” role, “I am both humbled and grateful for the confidence, guidance, and support of John Clark, everyone on the team, and all those who have assisted in making this transition so seamless. Over the years, I've had the honor of calling Mr. Clark mentor, colleague, and friend while building relationships in the Hope community and sharing its many, many wonderful stories. I'm excited to serve the Hope community while leading with dedication, passion, and hope as we continue to share our stories and remind everyone how and why this gem of a community is such a Surprising Little Town.”

Our team looks forward to the growth of “HSJ Online” under the very capable guidance of Jennifer Willhite, our new Content Coordinator.

Please continue to read “HSJ Online” at while informing others of the website. Physical articles within binders can be found at the Hope Library and WILLow LeaVes. If wishing to make a donation as we carry on, then it is just a matter of contacting Stephanie Shoaf, our Business Coordinator, at 812-374-6524 or Post Office Box 21. You should feel free to contact any of our team members! In the meantime, we can't possibly thank the community enough for the wonderful support!

David Webster &
Jessica Brown, Michael Dean, Brock Harris, Bud Herron, Don Hewitt, Terri Young, Howard Zachariah, Jenn Willhite, Stephanie Shoaf