I was able to attend the Waldron Sectional Wednesday evening to watch our Lady Jets.

Once again, despite concerns with the weather pattern, Hauser fans were well represented. I have been a proud member of the Hauser Nation (thanks to Sam Simmermaker for the name) for a long time, and it is always wonderful to find such great school and community support.

Of course, we were all hoping that we could find a way to win the game, and it certainly looked like a strong possibility throughout. I was impressed with how both teams shared the basketball and mixed scoring from the inside and the outside.

However, the fourth quarter found the ball going in the basket more frequently for Oldenburg than for Hauser with the Twisters scoring 22 points and the Jets 10. Below, you will find my scoring notes for the game:

Quarter 1

Hauser: 7 9 12 14

Oldenburg: 4 10 10 14

Quarter 2

Hauser: 19 19 23 28

Oldenburg: 16 18 18 23

Quarter 3

Hauser: 28 30 30 36 40

Oldenburg: 27 30 32 34 40

Quarter 4

Hauser: 40 40 42 45 50

Oldenburg: 42 46 54 54 62

No matter what, it is always difficult for a season to end, all that time and effort and development as individuals and as a team. Even though it has now been years since our daughters played volleyball and cheered for the basketball teams, I can still see and feel their emotions after each season, in particular after their senior years.

It was the last season for seniors Melanie Hasler, Shelby Fugate, and Bree Hadley. Even though this circle has come to an end, another one will start, and we wish you the very best.


Coach Evans had some very kind comments on Hauser Scoreboard by Mike Asher and sponsored by HSJ Online. Please check his comments out as well as other details.